Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thoughts On: Aspergers

Today I desided to start a new thing called Thoughts On: where I talk about subjects that garnner my intrest. Todays topic: Aspergers.

Let us clear the air first. I have Aspergers, no lies or anything like most people that I've meet that clames this (though why they want to puzzles me).

Asperger's Syndrome/Disorder (make up your minds people) is part of the autism spectrum disorder or higher functioning autism. It is characterized by a lack of social interaction and restrictive behaviors.

That is what the doctors said to me when I was diagnosed at age 12, or was it 13? Now this threw a wrench in what I see myself. I knew I was diffrent from the other kids at the time, but putting a lable on me made me a little distressed. See I could really interact with other without looking like a total goof. And it was hard anough to make firendly with the others when they are kicking you on the ground. My aspergers also had me develop depression at an early age (though I also blame others on that too) so they had to hop me up on anti-depressents.

You might be say "well geez that sucks", well yes and no. See over the past year I've been coming to terms with this. Learning about it helped me a lot and social theropy help. I also meet others like me in the real world that had me put it in perspective. Sure people alienated me in school for this (didn't help that they were pushing me to comit suiside), but hey it made me who I am right now.

I also comend others that try to understand this like my family and the few friends I have. Yes they have to put up with my shit all the time (I try not to I swear). Also the people like me that want it reconized as not a disese that needs a cure but as something that just is.

So yeah I live with it, I let it define me a little bit, but it's not entirely who I am. I lissen to people, I draw, have fun like the rest, and above all I like the little company that I can get, like all of you on the internet out there.

Can't stop the signal (or what I've been doing)

So it's been a long time sence the last post, yeah.

A lot of things happend, droped out of college, got a job, restarted Warmachine, miniatures collect dust, reavaluating friendships, apparently someone at Dropship Horizon is following me (sorry >-<), and let us not forget drawing. 

What are my new plans now? Restart the Wargaming club at Six Feet Under Games (New Holland, PA) is one. Asking a friend if she would like to be apart of my web comic project. Oh and restarting 15mm painting along with a Khador force.

I'll get back to you guys soon... hopefully I don't go through an Emo Bitch moment again (thats why I've not been updating.).

Saturday, November 5, 2011

15mm goodness

I finely got around to takeing photos of my sci-fi hardsuits that I did a couple months back. I also did a little work on my dropship, though I suck at using apoxie putty.

15mm mech by GZG
NI from GZG

 Civies by GZG

 WIP Dropship comparison

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall In!

So it has been awhile that i have posted something intersting. This passed weekend I went to Fall In! for my firends game to help out. It didn't go as expected, no one but the group showed up. So with that we desided to play anyways. Here are some photos of the game:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

If You Can't Find It, Make It

For the past year or so I got to try many diffrent rules for science fiction tabletop games, but none of them satisfy my craving for mecha ( Been a fan of this genre ever sence I was about four thanks to Robotech (Macross), and Gundam. There is something about large oversized armor that inspires me.

The only games I have found that had mechs as a focus were Battletech and Heavy Gear. The are well respected games but one was too big of machines and less units, the other not so great rules but did had the style of mechs I love (though really out of my price range). So I have taken on the endevor to creat my own in 15mm.

Firstly I am creating a base-line rule system which I am typing as we speak. This will lay down a foundation that I can use for other settings. It's not easy as most of the stuff I've come up with is a twist on other games I've played, but it is a start. In the end I want to creat a game that will field this kind of mech:

This is a work of  Masamune Shirow, I did not draw nor own this work.

Wish I can draw like that though >.<

Friday, October 14, 2011

Still Getting Use Too Things

So I have been trying to make postes on a M-W-F for each week, but comeing up with contents has been a bit tricky. Things have not been going so well for the past two weeks with my college experience. Stress has been a major factor in this. Depression has also gotten in the way of my hobbies, such as 15mm wargaming and art. As a filler I present to you an old character design for my upcoming web comic... which I need to redesign him. Nergal the chaos god of death:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Restarting The Warmachine

Well it looks like several people at the local shop are restarting to play Privateer Presses steam powered combat game Warmachine. I use to play this back when I started wargames right around when Prime Remix came out.. I fell in love with the miniatures right away, particulary Cygnar. So I got the rule book much to my mothers dismay and started with a basic Warjack force. This then later grew into a Trenchers force. So a couple of years went by playing the leagues till it sudently died off. That lead to me focusing on other things in the hobby.

Now there are new people at the shop (sorry bad at names, but really nice.) and started buying the miniatures for games. With this I am now excited that there are new players and will start a new force as soon as I have the money.

More updates on this in the near future.